Throughout history there have been many notable dictators.  Heretofore there have been none wielding a femur scepter with such power and control over his dominion as The Dictator.

Like most dictators, The Dictator, came to power during a time of crisis.  The people were looking for a savior, a knight in shining armor to rescue the kingdom of carnival from death and despair.  Mardi Gras had fallen into the hands of hucksters and marketeers aiming to make a buck.  More interested in the selling of Mardi Gras than the celebrating of Mardi Gras.  Things had been forgotten that shouldn’t, things faded from memories of days long ago and could no longer be remembered.  The light that illuminated carnival for over a century had grown dim.  The public ached for change and had none.  The situation was dire, indeed.

In a classic coup d‘etat, The Dictator and his legion of irreverent revelers seized control of Mardi Gras and forever changed it.  Pulling carnival from the doldrums and out of the greedy hands of the low minded, The Dictator set the stage for Le Krewe d’Etat to ascend to its rightful place in Mardi Gras lore.